Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Investment Advise

This is a suggestion I had given to a person who wanted to invest 5000 per month with a time horizon of 5 years!

At the outset, congratulations, you have decided on the right investment with the right time frame. Regarding your 5000 my advise would be that you never go for theme funds and rather invest in Diversified funds which will definitely take exposure into themes as and when necessary., this way you would not get caught into wrong themes.
My selection of funds would be as follows:-
1. Birla Sunlife Equity Fund
2. HDFC Prudence Fund
3. Reliance Growth Fund
4. Sundaram Select Focus fund
5. SBI MAgnum Comma Fund

You better consult your financial advisor before investing.
And also, keep track of your funds regularly and when you want to withdraw., just 1 year or so before that start one by one all your investments into Balanced Funds and Debt funds.
This way you will not get caught if the market goes into tailspin at the time of your redemption.

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