Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mutual Fund Advise

An investor Ashok asked,


I am looking for some diversification as I am already well invested in Indian Equities. So I am looking for funds which invest 100% in foreign equities. Can anybody list these funds out?

Most of the funds launched in India with the "Global" theme which invest in equities of foreign companies have only 35% invested in foreign equities with the rest 65% invested in Indian equities, and I am not able to figure out from the names whether they are 100% Global funds.


My Reply was :

Posted by: kentmss on (26-Mar-08 10:36 )

Your basic idea of diversification is right, Ashok. I think you should look at Principal Global Opportunities Fund which invests upto 100% in listed Foreign Equities. And now the best part, The Fund has consistently outperformed its Benchmark Index MSCI World Index by a good margin.
Of course, I assume you know the Tax Implications of investing in International funds.
Best of luck.

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