Monday, March 24, 2008

Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund

To add up a bit more, CNBC today disclosed that
"Till nearly three-four months back, Reliance Diversified Power Fund have been sitting on 20-25% cash. But recently they have increased their cash and are sitting on nearly 30% cash; their Assets Under Management, or AUMs are over Rs 6000 crore. This means that the Fund is sitting on nearly Rs 1800 crore of cash. This is according to the latest fact sheets that have been out in February. However, it is not yet know whether they have deployed the money"
This should encourage you to stay invested, because it shows the fund manager was able to sit in cash rather than being invested in a downtrend market., and now that the market seems to have just started to find some support at around 15000 levels, The Fund would have deployed some corpus into the market and should in all probability give good returns.
Best of luck.

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