Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I think you need to change your Investment Advisor at once. You have taken a big gamble by investing such huge amount in JM Core11. You should have rather gone for a existing fund or even if you had gone for an NFO., you would have been better off by investing in an Diversified Fund like Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund or the upcoming DSPML Natural Resources and Energy Fund.

Anyway, past is past. At least now be careful before investing such huge amount in one go.

As for your choice of Sips in Jm Contra and JM Basic., I am okay for it expect that it increases your exposure to one Fund House to a very high percentage. So, either stop one Sip (preferably JM Basic) or reduce the investment amount in both Sips.

And Reliance Power is too risky to remain invested for long. Keep monitoring the fund performance and book periodic profits and if possible switch to Reliance Growth Fund.

About Reliance Regular Savings Fund, it has been a laggard all these years and only now it has been a star performer. I would rather wait for some more time.

Your investments is equally divided in two fund houses only namely JM and Reliance.

More diversification is urgent need of the hour.
Your investment strategy seems to be HIGH RISK HIGH RETURN, which works both ways. A better strategy would be to spread across market caps and sectors to benefit from high volatily that the markets are currently going through.
You can look at investing the following funds for fresh investments.
1. Birla Sunlife Equity fund
2. DSPML Tiger Fund
3. Fidelity Equity Fund
4. HDFC Top 200 Fund
5. HDFC Capital Builder Fund
6. HDFC Prudence Fund
7. Kotak Opportunities Fund
8. Lotus India Agile Fund
9. Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund
10. Reliance Growth Fund
11. SBI Commandities Fund
12. SBI Magnum Contra Fund
13. Sundaram Capex Fund
14. Sundaram Rural India Fund
15. Tata Pure Equity Fund
16. UTI Infrastructure Fund.

Best of luck

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