Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mutual Fund Advise

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From: Bharat Katwala
Subject: Suggetions about my portfolio

Hi Mr.Srikanth,

I have read some of your postings in the MMB. That prompted me to discuss with you about my portfolio and seek your suggestion about it.

I want to build a strong mutual fund portfolio to achieve two goals - my son's education and build corpus for my retirement. Both these goals are 15 years away from now. I am planning to invest regularly for over next 10 years in mutual funds to achieve my goals.

Currently I have investments in following MF.
1. HDFC Top 200
2. Reliance Vision
3. Franklin India Prima Plus
5. ICICI Pru Infrastructure
6. Sundaram Select Midcap
7. SBI Magnum Global
8. Kotak Opportunities
9. Birla Sunlife Equity fund
10 SBI magnum Contra
11. Reliance Diversified Power Sector
12 SBI Magnum Tax Gain (ELSS)

Please have a look at my portfolio and suggest if I need to add/delete/change any of the funds to achieve my goals in most efficient manner.

Thanking you in advance.



Dear Bharat,
First of all, congratulations. This is one of the best portfolios I have come across. Keep it up!
There is very little to change in the portfolio. If anything, you could add some more fund to give your portfolio a bit of diversification.
Firstly, your portfolio doesn't have any international exposure, so obvisouly, funds like Principal Global Opportunities fund which invests upto 100% in foreign Equities and more importantly has outperformed its benchmark, MSCI World Index quite consistently, should boost returns in your portfolio.
Also, Mr. Bharat, you should also add DSPML World Gold Fund which invests in Gold Mining Companies worldwide and has always given returns more than Gold!
And lastly, your portfolio could do with some spice in form of SBI Magnum Comma Fund, which invests predominently in Commodity Stocks and also has been a consistently good performer.

Best of luck .

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