Thursday, March 27, 2008

Buy GMR Infra

GMR Infra with its Hyderabad Airport has shown that it has the capability, vision and ability to scale and build World Class projects. That too on time and within cost parameters. In fact, I read a article in a paper that its Hyderabad Airport has itself became a Tourist Attraction. This is just the beginning.
When they complete Delhi International Airport, the stock would be at least double of what it is today (today 148). And dont forget they are also building an Airport in Istanbul in Turkey and thus have provided diversification. And the icing on the cake, GMR Infra is also into Roads and Power Plants!.
Can anyone find such a diversified Infrastructure Story quoting at such ridiculous price?.
Remember I had recommended GMR Infra at 200 (10 paid up) 17 months back predicting Double the price. Now the Rs.2 paid is quoting at 148. See the appreciation!!!!
Now, I boldly predict that Rs.2 paid up will be quoting at above 500 around the time Delhi Airport opens for operation. Go and invest right now.
Best of luck .

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