Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zero Entry Load - A Failure

Recently, there were reports in Financial Chronicle and other Business papers that there were "few takers for zero entry load option in Mutual fund Investment". This was evident even before the introduction of the concept. There is huge list of funds and to choose one which is best suited to you, is not an easy task. Mutual Fund Advisors (also popularly called as Independent Financial Advisors) play a major role in this.
If investors go through these IFAs, it becomes easier for them in case they want any alteration or when they face any problem regarding dividends, etc. If the investors buy directly from fund houses, they need to approach each different Fund houses themselves, wasting nearly a day.
Even in developed nations, a major portion of funds are sold through the IFAs.
Many investors avoid going DIRECT becoz they do not want a Biased from the Fund house, but a Good unbiased advise which only a Qualified Mutual Fund Advisor can give.

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Sandy said...

It is really quality & outstanding post. keep it up!

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