Thursday, February 5, 2009


Neha asked ::::

Dear Sir,
I am 38 and investing in MF thr SIP since last 1 year which are
1. Rs.1000/- every month in REL.GROWTH
2. Rs.1500/- every month in SBI Contra
3. Rs.2000/- every month in DSP ML TIGER
4. Rs.1000/- starts now in pru ICICI POWER

Kindly advise me about my portfolio. should i continue or change it.

FROM : Neha Aildasani

Dear Neha,
Your portfolio at first glance looks good. But sadly, 60% in Sector/Theme Funds does not angur well for your financial health. while you may continue to invest in Reliance Growth and SBI Contra, kindly have a relook and stop your sips in DSPML Tiger and ICICI Power Fund. Even in SBI contra you better reduce your sip to 500 per month only. And in Reliance Growth, you split your sip for better returns.
With the saved amount of 4000 through stoppage and reduction of sip, you can consider investing in the funds suggested below:
1000 * 1 in Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund (1000)
500 * 1 in DWS Tax Saving Fund (500)
1000 * 1 in DSPML Top 100 fund (1000)
1000 * 1 in HDFC Prudence Fund (1000)
500 * 1 in Sundaram Select Focus Fund (500)
This will give a Balance to your portfolio.

Best of luck,
Srikanth shankar Matrubai

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