Thursday, February 5, 2009

How much 5000 earn in 24 years?

A Guest asked ::
"if i am investing rs 5000 per month for 24 much return should i calculate in my net value."


Dear Guest,
Good Question. Before answering, I would like to ask you, will you be disciplined to continue your investment for 24 years without break?. If yes, then you sure would go places.
Since your question is hypothetical, I too would have to answer hypothetically, as the returns would vary on a yearly basis, and if you consider an approx value, then the returns would be like this ::

Your 5000 per month for 24 months, your investment(your input value) would be Rs.14,40,000 and the returns would be
@12% returns === 75,42,143
@14% returns === 1,02,26,967
@16% returns === 1,39,26,119
@18% returns === 1,90,20,407
Your returns @18.35% would cross 2 crores. Just see the difference between 14% and 18%.
This small 4% difference would over a period of time result in a difference of MORE than 1 CRORE!!!
so, my advise is Go for Good Diversified Equity Funds and this would give the extra 4% returns.

Best of luck,
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai.

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