Monday, February 23, 2009

Want to have 2 crores in 10 years

Blogger Prathibha Mahesh asked :
Please review my portfolio and advice on my next financial move.

Age 30

Looking for a retirement kitty of 2 Crores by 40.

Current Investments:

SIP 25 K per month ( Current Value : 5.75 Lakh )

Fidelity Equity Fund - Gr 2500
HDFC Equity Fund - Gr. 10000
HDFC Prudence - Gr. 10000
Reliance Vision Fund Gr 2500

ICICI Life Time ( 30k Per Year Started in 2003 ) Current Value 1.9 Lakh

PF 2.9 Lakh
PPF 1.04 Lakh
401 K : 1.07 Lakh ( will be investing here for next 2 years to get company match as I am in US right now )
NSC : 10 thousand
Flat in Bangalore bought in 2004 for 15 Lakh. Current Price is around 35 Lakh. Loan Amount left 5.9 Lakh 13.5% interest

Fixed Deposit : 8 Lakh
Emergency Fund : 2.3 Lakh
Stocks : 30K

I want to invest another 10 K per month through SIP. Pls suggest some funds.

Thank you,
Pratibha Mahesh

Dear Pratibha Mahesh,
You seem to be on the right track to accumulate 2 crores in about 10 years time. Your present sip investments are all very good, a tad conservative I feel. However, because of this, you have been saved the pain of the BIG downturn other funds had to face. Going forward, you should consider switching your 10000 sip of HDFC Equity into two sips of 5000 each in
Sundaram Select Focus Fund
Birla Sunlife Equity Fund.
Since your goal is 10 years, you do have sufficient time on your hand to allow your fund to grow. Your 25k sip should at a conservative estimated return of 15% easily give you 65lakhs.
You intend to invest another 10k per month, so your investment of 35k per month should give 92 lakhs in 10 years time at a conservative return assumption of 15%. So, you are on the right track.
You also need to rejig your existing 25000 sip. So, ultimately your 35000 sip should go to the following funds, in the manner explained:
Birla Sunlife Equity fund -- 5000
DSPML Top 100 Fund -- 5000
HDFC Prudence Fund -- 7500
HDFC Top 200 Fund -- 5000
Reliance Growth Fund -- 5000
Reliance Natural Resources Fund -- 2500
Sundaram Select Focus -- 5000

These funds should over a period of 10 years give you Good Returns and help you in accumulate your retirement kitty of 2 crores very easily.
Best of luck,
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai

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