Saturday, July 26, 2008


GOLD level boarder in Moneycontrol Messageboard Mr.WADIA was kind enough to reply to my article on AVOID SECTOR FUNDS. This is how his message went:::::

Dear Srikanth,
I must congratulate you in compiling a very useful and timely post for all fellow investors. Keep up the good work.
Even the thematic funds have lost substantially in 2008
Just look at some of the mighty infrastructure funds who generated between 60 and 90% returns in 2007 and what has happened to them in 2008.
The year to date returns of some of the funds have dropped between 35 and 57%
DSPML Tiger -44% (YTD June 08)
ICICI Infra -37% (YTD June 08)
JM HI FI -57% (YTD June 08)
UTI Infra -42% (YTD June 08)
Ths is the risk one takes when opting for sector /thematic funds.

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