Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Earn Better Returns than FD!!!!

Birla Mutual Fund has launched a New Fixed Maturity Plan (FMP), the offer which is open now and will close on July 23.
The details of the offer is "They have 2 options. Option A with 36 months and a 57 to 65% return if the market rises by 90% within this period and option B for 21 months and a 17-19% return if the market rises by 40% or more. In scheme B a 12% return is assured, where as in scheme A the initial investment is assured as secured."
This is one of the better investment options available right now.
Instead of investing in FDs, you can consider this offer from Birla Mutual Fund.
Regarding which option to invest, it depends on your outlook for the market.
Option B with its assured 12.25% return definitely looks good. Option A is good if you are bullish on the Market.
Most importantly, you can even claim Double Indexation Benefit and thus save Tax also.

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