Saturday, July 19, 2008

Investment Advise for sip

Hi, I have started these SIPs 9 months back. My portfolio value is down by 25% till now. Please advise if I need to stop any of these SIPs / switch to other funds to reduce losses.

1 SIP Rs 4500 per Month - DSP ML Opportunities Fund - Growth
1 SIP Rs 6000 per Month - HDFC Equity Fund - Growth
1 SIP Rs 3000 per Month - Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Mid Cap - Growth
1 SIP Rs 4500 per Month - HDFC Prudence Fund - Growth
1 SIP Rs 3000 per Month - Fidelity Equity Fund - Growth


Srikanth's reply :
"Dear Chakri,
I feel you are not following the advice of Mutual Fund Experts like Ranjan, etc and that's the reason your portfolio is down by 25%. Not to say that yours is the only portfolio that is down, but I just to emphasis the fact that Ranjan Sir had suggested to you way back in 06 May 2008 to split your 6000 in HDFC Prudence Fund into two sips of 3000 in HDFC Prudence and HDFC Top 200 Fund, but you still have continued with the same funds with the same amounts.
He had also suggested you to invest in DSPML Top 100 Fund, Reliance Growth, Birla Midcap fund and also DSPML Tiger Fund.
He had suggested you to discontinue the sip in HDFC Equity Fund.
But now, looking at your query, it seems that you have completely ignored him and asking complaining in this forum, that your portfolio is down by 25% and asking for advise.
Of course, there will be advise, but will you follow them and incorporate the changes suggested?. I hope you will.
Please do so, it is for your good that the changes are being suggested.
As mentioned by pc sharma, performance of funds selected by you is below average.
Your current outgo in sip is 21000, My suggestion is that you split your 21000 into 7 sips of 3000 each and invest in the following funds, you will definitely earn above average of market returns.
1. Birla sunlife Equity Fund
2. DSPML Top 100 Fund
3. DWS Investment Opportunity Fund
4. Fidelity Equity fund
5. HDFC Prudence Fund
6. Templeton India Equity Income Fund
7. Reliance Growth fund
I hope that Dear Chakri, you will follow at least some of the advise given here, and will not come back again after 3 months with the same query!!!
Best of luck.

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