Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buy Reliance Petroleum

I am not into much of Stock Trading and rather prefer Mutual Fund route. But Reliance Petroleum is one of the few stocks, which I am particularly Bullish on, of course for Long Term.

During the course of my Mutual Fund Business, I manage to meet most of the Fund Managers on a regular basis. And whenever, I get a chance, I do ask them about their opinion on Reliance Petroleum., and the standard answer I get is 'Buy and Forget. It is a Future Blue Chip'.
It seems that Fund Managers are in love with the scrip. That's when I decided to study the stock and my conclusion on the Reliance Petroleum is ::::
Reliance Petroleum offers the BEST investment opportunity in the Indian Stock Market for now. It will be very soon commissioning World Class Refinery with Lowest Capital Cost and will be earning a Premium of more than US$8/bbl over Singapore Cracking margins.
It will have very early Payback period becoz of its Strong Margins and Tax Concessions.
Due to quantity of light crude diminishing, it is the medium and heavy crude that will be more available and for this the Refineries will need to have the capacity to process the same, and Reliance Petroleum has it. Because of this factor and Tightnening Environment norms, around 97 Refineries have shut shop.
Also Jamnagar has capacity to handle ULCC which will result in benefit of atleast 20 to 30 cents to Relinace Petroleum.
Most importantly, Reliance petroleum is commissioning its project at a perfect time with Crude above 125$ and in Bullish zone.
Worldwide, Refineries tend to trade around of PE of 10 on their 2 years earning. If we take that into account, then RPL with its expected conservative EPS of 21 in FY10, should be quoting at least near 200 now.
So, go right ahead, Buy and hold for Good returns.
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BEst of luck.

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