Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thank you note

Tarangam wrote a thank you note which went like this ::::

Dear Kentmss,
How are you? Thank you for your message. I will follow the direction provided by you and our dear Ashalanshu.

Thank you for your recommendations. Several friends including Ranjan, Ashalanshu, Kentmss have tried to help me. I have found several Funds common in these recommendations. That way my job is made easy. I will pick up the best of the best Funds. You guys answer every call with utmost speed. Now the beginners like me know that you guys are there to lead us in the right direction. Carry on with your mission, my dear friends. That is life. I admire it. I recall now what Herold Robbins said in his novel, 'A Stone for Danny Fisher'. He said, 'Death is more universal than life. Everyone dies but not everyone lives'.

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