Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Excellent Article.
Only critisicm about the article is that it came too late., I mean only on 13th of May while the Fund itself is closing on 14th May.
I am always advocating investing in DSPML World Gold Fund for the same reason. In fact, when the DSPML World Gold Fund came out with its NFO, lot of my senior advisors were laughing at my suggestion when I was recommending the same to my clients. But I was convinced about the same, and I was the highest in my group in terms of Total Sales.
Even about the AIG World Gold Fund too, I feel the same. It is an excellent diversification both in terms of Geography and Asset Class.
For lesser knowledge person, let me clarify that in terms of comparision DSPML World Gold Fund falls in the category of Large CAp Funds and AIG World Gold Fund comes under Mid-Small Cap Fund. So, ideally you should be invested in both.
Dont miss the NFO, and if you have missed, As soon as it is available for purchase, BUY.
Best of luck.

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