Monday, September 22, 2008

Financial Planning Advice

Mr. Ritesh Shah wrote :::

I need your help to plan my investments. The background....

I am 32 and I started investing regularly since this year. I invested through
SIP on a monthly basis.

Please advise if I need to stop any of these SIPs / switch to other funds.

Kotak Opportunities - Growth - Rs 5000 Per Month
Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund-Growth - Rs 5000 Per Month
DSP India T.I.G.E.R. Fund - Growth - Rs 5000 Per Month
Prudential Infrastructure Fund - Growth - Rs 5000 Per Month
Reliance Vision Fund - Growth - Rs 5000 Per Month
Reliance Growth Fund - Growth - Rs 5000 Per Month

Ritesh Shah"

"Dear Ritesh,
Your portfolio is neat, compact and nearly perfect for your age. There is very little change required, in fact, if any.
But still, you could switchover from Prudential Infrastructure Fund to ICICI Infrastructure or DSPML Tiger Fund, in the infrastructure Space.
Also, you could stop your sip in Reliance Vision Fund, for now as it's performance has been below average recently. You could invest in HDFC Top 200 fund or Sundaram Select Focus fund. This will not only maintain your large cap bais, but also reduce your slight overexposure to Reliance Mutual Fund House.

And, one more thing, split your 5000 into 2000 (2) and 1000 (1) sip over three different dates to maximise the advantage of volatility in the movement of NAVs.
Other than the above, I would like you to take a small exposure (say 1000 per month) into an International Fund (Templeton India Equity Income Fund/Birla Sunlife Intl fund) and also into a Commodity Fund like (DSPML World Gold fund / Mirae Asset Global Commodities Stock Fund).
These would compliment your portfolio perfectly.
After 5 years or so, gradually shift away from Sector/Commodity Funds into Diversified Equity Funds.
Best of luck.

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