Wednesday, April 9, 2008

HDFC Equity fund

Yes, Wadia I definitely agree with you. HDFC Equity Fund is certainly more bullish on mid-cap than most other funds. And you know Prashant Jain is a Long Term investor with a eye on fundamentals.
I even had the privilege of meeting him in person recently and he seemed to be particularly bullish on Mid-Cap Infrastructure Stocks. He seemed to suggest that after the current market volatility with bearish undertone passes, it will be the Infrastructure stocks which will gain the most. He is very sure about the India Growth Story.
He has always been like this; slow to start but very sure of what he is doing and most importantly, showing results.
So, boarders, HDFC Equity is a good pick for the long term and you can invest in it for long term. Dont forget Sip
Best of luck.

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