Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fund House v/s Fund manager

I am not a firm believer in past records. Past is past. For future returns you have to start all over again. As Sa12 has also pointed out SBI Magnum contra's Fund Manager Sandeep Sabharwal's exit has made the fund Not a Pure Contra anymore. That's what happens, a fund which performs mainly due to the fund manager's talent is bound to suffer if he leaves the fund.
Believers of fund managers too tend to shift funds when the fund manager changes. So, I always believe in investing in a Fund House rather than a Star Fund Manager. Birla, DSP, Fidelity dont have any Star Fund Managers as such, still they are performing quite well and will continue to do so.
So, dont go by past records alone.
As for those invested in SBI Magnum Contra, they can switch to JM Contra Fund as it is managed by Sandeep Sabharwal, not just because of him, but as a Fund House too, JM has been quite a revealation in past two years with their focussed approach.

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