Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stopping your old SIPs just to avoid 2.25% is foolish on your part. You missed investing during weak markets.
Remember, it is your agent who does all the legwork for you. And if you have any post allotment problems like Statement not recd, dividend not recd, will you leave your work and go to each AMC just for this sake?. Then what happened to your saving of 2.25%?
And why crib when you are getting returns of more than 50%?. See when you are ready to give 10% commission to your insurance agent and more than 25% commission to your ULIP agent., you should not be so stingy and hyper about a pittance of 2.25% commission.

My clients are mostly tech savvy. They can invest directly through the net. But they prefer to invest through me. Do you know why?. Because, they know that they are getting quality advice. Just tell me how much you have earned. Do you know.... my clients have earned upwards of 50% annualised returns even in this weak markets?!!!!. That's the power of good advice.

Because the markets were bullish, you could buy any crap and make money. Let the market be bearish, then you will know your capacity to make good judgements and then you will be forced to come back to quality advisors like me. Think again.
The mutual fund advisors get 2.25% which is a pittance, for they give quality advice and do all the legwork for you and follow up also.

Think again.

Best of luck

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