Friday, January 4, 2008

Where to Invest

Where to invest

Dont go by star ratings alone., for past is past. Always go for clearly defined investment ideas by fund managers. My advise would be that you invest 50% in Large Cap Funds which have great performance, backed by reputed fund houses and have good potential namely Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund,Franklin Templeton Bluechip FundFidelity Equity FundHDFC Top 200 Fund Reliance Vision FundAnother 20% should ideally be invested in Sector funds , and here ideally it is better if you take the option of Dividend Payout and my selection of funds would be Reliance Diversified Power Sector FundDSPML Tiger FundJM Basic FundSundaram Rural India FundTata Infrastructure FundAnother 20% could be in Aggressive Funds which which are potentially high risk high reward.Here too take the option of Dividend Payout and my selection would beHDFC Capital builder fundICICI Power FundHSBC Dynamic FundFranklin FlexicapLotus India Agile Fundand finally 10% in mid cap and small cap fund and they should beReliance Growth FundSundaram Select Midcap FundBirla Mid cap FundBest of luck

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